Monday, June 19, 2006

More employees for the hotel; I swear there are some non-mammals involved, just not tonight.
Theres a water foul in charge of manangement, but I've already reused some art from my website in my blog; it's probably not a good habit.

Anyway, Musk is a handyman (he's a wolverine, by the way) The fox is the theatre director, and the Chitals (an indian deer) is a waitress and a doorman. I know a woman probably wouldn't be able to be in charge of anything in the time period this is inspired by, but more on that later....

Another confession, the Musk was done quite a while ago, I just forgot about him unitl recently.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Sorry it's taking so long between posts. When your studying animation, it somewhat limits the time you have for artwork. Final Fantasy nine has always been my favorite; although to be fair I haven't played most of the others all the way through, but that just means the others didn't pull me in. Zidane was refreshingly red-blooded and upbeat about his troubled life, as opposed to the brooding whiners cloud or squall. Plus I loved the more whimsical silly nature of this one, which I don't think brought down the drama. If anything it at least made the very archetypal characters easier to grow attached to, so at least when the predictable moments arrived, you are are least looking forward to them.

If I was going to cast voices fro them, Zidane would be Rob Paulson (Animaniacs, Coconut Fred) with a spanish accent and Eicko would be Tress Harnell. I don't know about voices for the rest, but Steiner would have an austrian accent, Garnet Brittish, Freya French, Quina Mandarin, and Vivi African American. Despite his cool design, I would probably just leave Amarent out entirely; he wasn't that interesting.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

bedroom sketch

Here's a drawing I sketched last night based on my story. In retrospect it didn't look as cramped as I wanted it to be; I wanted a bedroom for a married couple in ridiclously tiny quarters. It's meant to have the same color scheme as the hotel, being in it and all. Although I find I tend to use the muted rusty color look a bit too much...

William Bradford

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

first life drawing in a month!

I was going to post this yesterday but my internet was having problems

You forget how much you need it till you've been without it. Here's the only ones I could stand to look twice at (I'm pretty rusty)

Also, here's some sketches of a cold but poignant villain hippo I've been working on; they're always so goofy in the cartoons, but in reality they're completely physchotic. Like the opposite of cartoon wolves.