Sunday, November 26, 2006

peter and the wolf

Made changes to the farm shot, based on suggestions, any better?

I seem to be on a snow thing right now. Just watched peter and the wolf again (and a trailer for a stop motion version, which influenced this peter somewhat). Of course today I think our sympathy would be with the wolf. Not that the original stories all the inhumane actually: Peter simply ties the wolf to a tree and stops the hunters from shooting it: the wolf is simply taken to a zoo. If it were made today, they'd probably take the wolf and relocate it up in the mountains far from the farms and livestock it was growing too accustomed to. The danger of wolves has certanly been exagerated, but it's quite plausable for one to be a threat to farm pets and a small boy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

my dad's farm

X-mas shopping went quickly this year; three people wanted me to draw stuff.

This one's a working piece for my little brother; it's a painting of my family farm. Yes I am aware the bull is a pitiful attempt at drawing animals the way Andrew Shek does them. Any designer with an appreciation for appealling and original animal concepts owes it to themselves to check out Shek's work; the guys dedicated.

  • Andrew Shek

  • For those wondering about the tire on a bull's head, I'll explain. We give cattle there salts and vitamins in pails we make out of old tires. Apparently bulls aren't known for there dining ettiqutte.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Friday, November 17, 2006


    The enigmatic multiplier. Mob is capable of creating an infinite number of clones of himself, the catch is that each clone is slightly different, so he is constantly having to spend proper time with all his clones whenever their seperate from them, otherwise proper cooperation in emergencies isn't alway reliable. Most of his time in the tower is spent as much with group therapy and glee clubs as is with actual training. He's managed to get up to sixteen, and got his first soprano.

    I don't have time for video games anymore: they've lost most of their charm anyway, everything has to be so badass nowadays. I think any animator would appreciate this one though. I came out around the same time Donkey Kong country did, which was considerred the visual tour de force at this time, but now looks dated. Yoshis island on the other hand still looks great today; bold flat design with bold rough outline and painterly color style. It's a testament to how strong artistic design will stick around while technical prowess one-upped in a month. They made a sequel. Unforetunatley it doesn't have the same roughness that made the other one so charming; it's too clean. More comically cute babys though; I thought the original design for infact bowser was hilarious

    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Miss Fissure and Boomer

    I think I'm now halfway through my 05 gradclass...

    These are the two demolition specialists, the earth-shaking nutbar and the motley old combustion maker (sort of an senior gambit).

    Boomer is the oldest member of the team and dislikes the showboaty costumes so popular in north america. He's seen many a thing in his slightly longer life and has a casual observers wisdom over everyone on the team, and even his superiors comes to him for advice without any pretense. A bit on the grimey side, but has a heart of gold; his slow stride hides a cunning mind whose always two steps ahead.

    Fissure can produce tremors and manipulate all earth-based substances, so many refer to her as a natural disaster. When Seera got promoted she got a private sleeping quarters, and as a result Telleta was stuck with Fissure as a roomate; Fissure eats T-bone and beer while Telletas eats soy salad and lentils. Fissure is brash, shameless and slightly kinky, pushing every poncey button in Telleta's educated system. A loose cannon, Fissure tends shake things up every time a nerve is touched..... or somthing makes her laugh maniacally..... Or she tries to do math in her head.

    They say everytime you do a charicature you lose a friend. I'm just glad a haven't given my address out....

    Friday, November 03, 2006


    I know, it's terrible, I can't stay on one idea at a time.

    I thought of an idea for a short animation to go with a funny song I found. Somthing quality I could do on my own.

    But I needed a funny character to sing, and just tried to find an animal I could make an appealing, animatable character out of. Here's the first pass at "Kobabala".

    He's kind of like the Jimmy Durante of the marsupial world. I'll try to get back to the superheroes sometime soon; I'm not even halfway through 'em.