Sunday, January 21, 2007


Like Pyro with fire, the effeminant Merman can bend and manipulate water, but his formidability is dependant on how large a supply of water in near him. Roomates with new guy Whiplash and the slothenly Flex and Whiplash, Merman's clean, dress chic corner is a great contrast to the haphazard mess of the rest of his dormatory. Telletta and Seera had hoped his faustidousness would keep the other two in line; but between Flex's thick head and Whiplash's deviant obnoxiousness, Merman's voice of reason tends to fall on deaf ears.

Saw showboat a couple weeks ago, and noticed how I often had trouble keeping track of the characters. You know, the three handsome white guys, the three young white ladies, blah blah blah. I wanted to see if I could do a design for the main cast and see is I could make them unmistakable from on another. Whatcha think? "Old Man River's" probably my favorite song from any musical...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sheath and Ray

Africa has the coolest looking trees.

The heroes went on hiatus, didn't it? Anyway, Sheath is the leader of the the tower's rival team, the Bot-Bots, with Ray one of the four.

Sheath can create monsters and other scary stuff from shadows; creatures that can attack but can't really be attacked themselves. For this to work effectively though, he awlays has to be somewhere that's dramatically lit; so he understandably take his film noir presense rather seriously.

lasers come out of Ray's eyes.... yep. Charmingly uncouth, Ray had no use for the stuffiness that went with the tower, and didn't enjoy hanging around to make a mockery of it, like Whiplash. Due to discrepancies between Sheath and Telleta, Sheath broke into his own, smalller gang of heroes, consisting of only four people so far. Ironically, because of the simplicity of their team politics, they often prove more effecient.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Well, I'm back from the farm. My family got a pair of kittens. Indicated above is the two behavioral pattearns these creaturse possesss.
Very cute; they love to sleep on sketchbooks, especially when your drawing somthing very important.

The first peice of artwork I saw of 07 was Chris Sanders sketchbook. It prompted me to draw some boobs I guess. Now, of course as a particularly ignorant male I can only speculate if there would be envy in a situation like this; would it be just as likely for there to be pity from the one on the right?

My moniter should be arriving early next week, so hopefully my blog's traffic will speed up here pretty quick....