Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Super Mario!!!

Yep, that's them. Sorry The blog's been so slow lately; I've been busy between work and my ownanimation test. Anyway, I wanted to try and do a version of my favorite video game characters. It's hard to change them enough to justify redesigning them without losing the things about them you like.

And yes, I know this is along the same lines as most of my other stuff lately. I thought of an idea for somthing different I'll try to sketch out between animations....

Monday, February 19, 2007

animation pre-production

After going through some of my project ideas, I finally picked something that lofty enough to impress Cartoon Saloon but small enough that I could (hopefully) do by myself. I spent my spare time in the last week making these flash setups for some of my characters, and roughing out some poses to base my animation on. I also roughed out a short peice for Kobala, to a Jimmy Durante clip with the pitch heightened slightly. It's too rough to bother posting, but the flash roughs (I think) worked well enough on there own to not need more refining before planning the animation.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Globelle and The Silver Sliver

I believe it's cartoon plot cliche #5: the cast comes in contact with some device or potion which turns them into their exact opposites personality wise. Or a deeper way of looking at it is that the effect brings out more repressed tendencies. Anyway, here's some of my classmates (as sueprheroes) under the influence of such a device: "the ultimate prop". I'm sure it won't mean much unless you know them and/or can tell who it is.

Globelle can both grow and shrink to equally amazing sizes; more often then not she prefers growing, as it opens up to more photo opportunites. An incredibly skilled superhero, but her obession with the press and her sponsers tends to distract her from her duties. Seera and Telleta would love to have her transferred to a new post..... preferably a planet without oxygen. Sadly, her father keeps the tower funded during the slow months, so everyone has to grin and bear it.

The "Silver Sliver" can shoot tiny quills from his fingertips. Unimpressive? That's what everyone assumes, until an overwhelming itchiness takes over them shortly after getting pricked. But, despite his affable attitude, Sliver prefers flying solo. Rushing to the rescue in times of need and then darting back into the shadows. Whether he's a help or a hindrance depends on who you ask.