Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Producers

It brings me great shame to say this, but I still haven't seen the original all the way through yet. I orderred it used for $1.95. It's hard to picture it now without the showtunes. The ramake may be terribly hammy, but a broadway musical with Will Ferril and Nathan Lane is too much for me to resist.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Horton hears a who

I wanted to do somthing (comparably) photo realistic, just to see if I could. I made several attempts at watercolor, but finally caved and did it in photoshop, arrggghhh!

It's based on one of my favorite Dr.Suess stories. I loved the design based on Horton that Chuck did, which I studied below. I like how the wrinkles on his ears and trunk frame his face.

I've been fairly preocupied all week, since my family visited vacouver for my 23rd birthday. I watched one of the high school teams my mom coaches. This was her star...

Monday, March 12, 2007

the votogenians, Ongaku, Life drawing

Check it out, I actually have some bloody life drawings on here. I go every two weeks, but I can never get anything I like enough to put up most of the time.

The Votogenians, the most beautifal and classy women in the known universe; the fact that they're fifteen feet tall only adds to there intimidation. As part of community service to earn extra funding, the tower hosts an annual dinner party in the votogenians honor. The boys look forward to it every year, only to find themselves hiding around the buffet table the second the maidens come within a ten meter radius.

Ongaku's sweet, layback demeaner often disguises his wisdom and perceptiveness. Not to be confused with Telleta's telekinises (the ability to move stuff with your mind) Ongaku's can read and communicate with people striclty through telepathy. Because he's a mute, he's most comfortable sending the waves through his beloved bongos, plnating clever pictoral instructions into people's craniums.

Sorry I missed last week. It's been busy what with doing my own animation as well as the stuff at work. I've also been trying to teach myself traditional painting. Nothing's looked good enough to put up here so far.....