Sunday, May 27, 2007

Baron Munchausen's servents

Love the characters: I'll put the Baron up too; he's especially lovable and needs more consideration...

ZIDANE TRIBAL (Final Fantasy IX)

Zidane Tribal is swift feet, swift of wit and light of finger; the three serve as his strongest survival traits. Zidane is as solid as a rock, and generally fights with a pair of small daggers; large swords are generally a liability, as he prefers to hit and run. He's a pest to his adversaries (and just as often his allies), which proves his most imposing trait. "It has been brought to my attention on several occasions that I am extremely annoying", was a line he once quoted to an opponent; he uses his confidence and cleverness to fluster his opponents.

Zidane does not suffer from macho pride, however, and has no shame of running away if that proves the best solution. He has a passion for kids, pets, and above all women (not in the same light, of course), and will fight tooth an nail for the underdog. He's not self-conscious or scared of looking soft: he's smart enough to know when to hide his emotions and when it's safe to let them out. He's seen the worst of the world, and is convinced life is cruel enough as it is without companionship and compassion. He has no known roots and nothing to lose. He believes in seizing life by the top and bottom and wringing every ounce out of it. Even his opponents which he humiliates and infuriates are arguably taunted with a touch of delight for there company.

Zidane is the backbone of our heroes, supporting everyone together as they go through there hard times: with his positive words and unyielding camaradarie. And he's also not above being the center of attention.He's not arrogant, just extremely needy. having no known birthplace or family ties has caused him to having the deep loneliness and desperation for recognition: he needs to be needed. He has lived most of his life with his Tantalus crew, but has left the team many times to try to find his roots: only to come back with his tail between his legs (literally). When his roots and parents are finally found, however, his uplifting outlook on life will be put to the test, and he'll need his friends to remind him of everything he told them.

Zid has two key weaknesses: his red-blooded nature and his tail. He is a patsy for a pretty fail, and his tail will often give away any thoughts or feelings he might be trying to conceal. And whatever you do; never, ever, ever grab said tail...

Monday, May 14, 2007

the Phantom Tollbooth

Did a peice based on a book I read recently, which an old (and very low budget) animated feature from my childhood was based on. I hadn't seen it in years, but it slowly came back to me as I read the book. It's a very nice story, and it would be nice if a better movie was adapted from it in the future.... I would recommend the book for your children, it's quite inspiring and won't take long to read.

FYI, last week I left Chaotic to animate of Skunk Fu. Maxxor (Green guy), took it fairly well, but Chaor (red guy) made a bit of a scene. Sadly he confronted the deceptively cute Rabbit, who has a similar method for expressing his indignation. The Chaotic kids were upset too, but had trouble staying mad in the presence of Panda....

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Max Bialystock

Finally got my freelance done. Hopefully I'll be able to post them eventually. I'll try to get some more stuff on my blog next week in any case...

Here's one thing I had ready: I like the design I did for Max Bialystock for the producers and rememberred a funny line from the remake that would be great to animate to. Figured I would at least do a rotation while the idea was in my head.

I'll try to get back on top of things after I've settled into my new job...