Sunday, July 29, 2007

Portfolio in progress

Put my portfolio together to send out to studios. The only peice I didn't put up was a couple concept peices I did for that author, as I shouldn't post them on the internet until they've been officially copyrighted and everything. Most of this is on the blog already.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Bare in mind once the pages are put together, they won't be in this order. You'll have to take the appropriate order to faith. The first two are the front and inside of the cover.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bryce's baby

My friends Bryce and Racheal Beezoyen finally had there baby. I haven't met him yet, but I've seen photos from there blog. Can't wait to meet it in perosn. I think I'll get him a sock monkey.

Another peice based on the Geisha heist story. I wanted to try and get the main ladies relationships defined.
Kimi and Seiko (the one's in front of the wall scribblings), seem to be the most antagonistic to each other, yet ultimately form the closest bond. They are both equally passionate and yearning for excitement, but Seiko's more of a grim pragmatist, while Kimi's passions tend to make her bolder then is good for a Geisha. Seiko both envy's and resents Kimi for this reason, and Kimi is frustrated that she's the only one who'll where herself on her sleeves.

Nami (under the waterfall), is the oldest and considerred the voice of reason amongst them, mainly because she rarely uses her voice, and speaks only when (or if) she knows exactly what to say. Oki (In the foreground) is brilliant but hesitant, and tends to be easily manipulated or swayed by the others, no matter how much smatter she knows she is. Miya and Miu are twins who are eerily symbiotic, and are unshakable when together but lost when seperated.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sheep People

Finally made some new peices for my pet story ideas.
Elephantmarch Hotel : A giant elephant carries a travelling hotel on her back from world to world, offering luxury and culture to all civilized forms of life. Creatures from every world join up as staff for the hotel, paid with room and board, excitement and, in many cases, freedom; in the case of a young black slave from our world. The problem is, many creatures, for good intentions or bad (though in many cases it doesn't matter), think the elephant and her powers could be put to higher callings.

I first picture is one the worlds she travels to: full of sheep people. The other is the form slaves wife; a mischevious nymph named Panna. She hasn't evolved much since the last version I did, but I've gotten rather fond of her. I've been trying to pull off an appealling, fat love interest.

I saw Studio B's George Of The Jungle last week. Here are my renditions.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

poses for animation

I drafted these in my spare time this week (which was hard due to distraction of the Ratatouille debut) I imported them into flash with the audio. I'll have to get a proper recording set up if I hope to test the full animation properly...

I fully admit that in the past I have been overly loyal to Pixar; if nothing had cured me of that previously it was Cars. But I can say without fear for my credibility that I have never been more satisfied with a movie then I was with Ratatouille. See it if you haven't! It was refreshing to have a moment between the climax and the end for the characters in the story to reflect; a rare moment of breath, especially for a CG animated film. For what was a rushed production, this was by far there most eloquent script.And for you Luddites, there is some traditional animation in the credits (Good old bird).

I had also seen Paprika the week before, which was also a great pick-me-up. There has always been a great deal of disdain for anime in my year. And while I will agree it would look better on twos (or heaven forbid ones) this economy allows them the freedom to be much more exploratory with their stories. I expected Paprika to be convoluted and overly high-minded (not a bad thing in itself, mind you), but it was actually quite easy to follow and the characters where quite endearing.

It was yesterday that I received my first malcontent for drawing them on a bus. In all fairness I'm surprised I never got a complaint before, I can see how it could set somebody off a bit. The rather uncouth looking fellow in the drawing at the bottom threatened me to stop, and accused me of being a "weirdo" and a "creep"; his saying this interrupted his harassment of the young lady also present in the drawing. I apologized and stopped, assuring him it was simply routine practice, and went on to drawing something unrelated to people on the bus. He seemed to stop talking to the young lady after that.

poses for animation

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