Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm back!

Brother, It will be exactly one month since my last post! I just got from my visit home. Saw my cousin marry (her husband looks like an underfed gopher), and the pastor seemingly compared dealing with a wife to dealing with a lazy horse.

I finally managed to read the Deathly Hallows. It made my choke up a little, in all fairness. I should confess, though, I had to read the Half-blood prince during the same vacation (boy I was behind). This was one of my favorite shots below, made me laugh. I hope it doesn't spoil too much, allthough I doubt most people who plan to read it have done so already...

On the first week there I suggested to my family that there might be satyrs and nymphs making habitats in my mothers gardens. The best part was, they couldn't find a way to disrepute the theory.

And these are based on my two favorite fairy tales growing up. They'd be excellent fodder for shorts. Especially the Three Billy Goats Gruff, as its only one scene and four characters, and three of them are a variation of the same design.

Remember the kittens I drew before? One of them made it too cathood. He is the sweetest thing. Never scratches, and will fall asleep on your belly for house. Purs with violent passion and bears a misleading tooth when you rub his tummy. I want a cat now...

My two brothers and I went innertubing down the river that goes from our farm all the way too our neighbers, a couple miles away. Its a lot of fun and fresh air with minimal excercise, haven't done it for years. It was a second thing on my list of things to do. First was make homemade icecream. Its delicous, and well worth all the ice you have to stock and crush.

Well, hope that makes up for a months absense. Now I gotta get my ruddy demo reel together so I can hope to start getting paychecks again.