Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gruff character rotations

I've been working on the animatic for the short animation project I thought of. The animatics roughed out, so I figured the next step was to flesh out the character designs and location and everything before trying to tighten it up.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tonks and Lupin

Lupin's one of my favorite characters from the stories, and Tonks grew on me too. Lupin reminds me of my dad; Not just because my dads so bloody hairy, either. His cloak is based on a jacket my dad always wears when he reads, and I tried to give him wolf eyes. The fact that he reminds me of my dad is so funny because

I went to a burlesque-costume life drawing course last week. It would've been great, if the model didn't take five minutes between each pose to fill us with witty anecdotes.

This was another birthday card for a friend I met in my neighborhood (Mt. Seymour Parkway). We met for coffee a previous night, and she was insistent on keeping a cap on hiding her supposedly unsightly hair, due to lack of time to prepare properly.

Women worry too much about this stuff, in my opinion...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dumbledore's army

The main heroic kids from the order of the Phoenix. I hope the Patil twins get a small nod in the final film, I've developed a soft spot for them.

This is the front of a card for a friend. He graduated not only from Capilano like me, but he's also one of my only friends from high school. A high school all the way in tiny Kimberly B.C. His birthday was fun; his girlfriend (the fairy) organised it all. She's another talented aritst who graduated from cap in his year.

And I decided to finnish up those Final Finasy IX cycles I was obsessing over. Its a silly obsession over something thats not even orginal, but figured I should see it though. Just one left to do.

Freya Crescent: Stoic Ex-knight of the mouse people searching for her missing fiancee.

Eiko Coral: Garnets pushy estranged cousin