Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well's here's the best stuff I made coming out of class. Whatcha think?

Well, now I gotta start earning money now (badly). Hopefully Nickelodeon gets back to me soon,

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happiness is.....

I finally got this test from Nickelodeon. It can't go on hear, of course, but if I prove moderately competent on it I may be able to stay in LA a bit longer. I have refrained from mentioning to them I don't, at present, have qualifications to work in the states, but I figured I would until I pass the test (if I do, rather).

Anyway, just did something simple this week due to lack of time. Just a fun memory from this christmas.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Green babes and "The Obi Bandits" Baddies

Back from holidays, with only a minor throat infection (my coughing caused a great deal of hostility from ancient classmates on Thursday).

Finished this sketch on the bus/plane. I don't know why I made the girls green; thought I needed a reason for them to be in the circus. Seemed a bit mean spirited when I realized the girls were bathing with a circus elephant, so I added the sanitary plastic slippers on the elephant to suggest this is a very hygienic elephant. Thought I'd make some more pieces and update my portfolio to pass out at the studios before I leave.

Designed the two villains for the Geisha cat burglar story. Two wealthy barons with a hated rivalry towards each other. Tonosamagaeru is old-money and Itachi is new money.
`Tono was born into luxury and wealth, and has been reduced to a lazy, stationary lump who is moved around in two-man carriage normally used by emperors. Selfish and indifferent to the peasantry, but Tono has been known to throw generous partys for fellow aristocrats in his ancient palace, and certainly bestows affection upon his many wives and even more numerous sons.

Itachi (which, if my research has been fruitfull, means weasel), was a peasant's son who "earned" his riches through organized crime; like a leader of some embryonic gokudo. Sly, shrewd and cutthroat, Itachi worked his way to the top from rock-bottom, and has the deepest loathing and resentment for those who had wealth handed to them, as with Tono. This is why he has the intention of robbing Tonosamagaeru the night of his eldest son's twentieth birthday. Little does he know that a small group of Geisha have gotten wind of his plan, and are about to take advantage of the situation...

The only two heroic Slytherins we see in the Potter series, sadly...