Sunday, February 17, 2008

poses for animation

Worked out the poses for some traditional animation. Hope to get the bulk of it done before work starts. I'm getting a new folio and demo ready to apply for an internship and a larger studio. Maybe I'll even get some half decent water/acrylic paintings done that are good enough for it.

Just finished the last of a three-book story by Terry Pratchet. Any fantasy fan owes it to him/herself to read some of this guys work; especially since I heard the poor guy's got Alzheimer's. I just finished "The color of magic" series by him and am now determined to do a line-up based on it.
Another audio-book series I've been taken by is all the old Holme's series. The films never got Sherlock and Watson right, in my opinion. Watson is not comedy relief; if anything he's the straight man. He shows compassion and humanity openly where Holmes might, if not deny it then certainly suppress it. I've never seen a filmed version of the Baskerville hound that satified me, either (He's supposed to glow!). Still, Apparently there's a 2002 version that I'm curious about

Monday, February 11, 2008

Playing with acrylics. And FF walks

And here's the last of those F-ing FF walks. Hopefully I'll be starting work again soon, so I figured I'd better get brushed up on my flash.

Red-headed freight train with a chip on his shoulder. Shoulders which were a nightmare to flash-animate.

Formally benevolent Queen turned power-hungry (Formally merely hungry).

Delightfully foppish drag queen villain.

Stiltzkin and Mog

Two more significant moogles; extemely cute and enterprising little fellows. Usually involved in trade work.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

"She just got a call from her stockbroker"

Finally finished the animatic for my short. Unfortunately it would probably not be smart to put it up at this point.

So I got an idea for a watercolor piece. Hopefully I'm getting better. Does anyone get it? Tried to emulate the playboy art somewhat..... How's it look?

Well, I'm off to continue the job hunt. I need money bad....