Monday, July 21, 2008

pigs is bloody pigs

Over a week of spare time was blown just trying to work out this bloody pet boar design, and once again any paint jobs had to be reduced to quick and easy; and I didn't finish Kimi's poses either (arrrgghhh). At some point I want to turn my attention back to CG animation again. Anyway, I figured I'd throw in some of the rough study sketches I did (out of reams of others) for Uribo, the Geisha's mascot and home security, if out of self defense if nothing else....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kimi rotation

Here's her rotation. I wanted to complete the no outline look without losing the construction; I want to keep her solid enough to be able to animate her fully. I'll try to get the poses done for next week.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kimi expression sheet

Wanted to try a flesh out some of my characters. Got as far as an expression sheet for Kimi; The tricky part with her is that she has no chin.... Because of that and the broad nose bridge, I found it was really important where you spaced things on her to prevent from getting homely. I wanted to get a face you could get some humorous character out of at the same time. I dunno, did I pull it off?

I wasn't that happy with my Father Jack design, in retrospect, so I wanted to take another crack at it. Here's the lovable lecher expressing his more maternal side...

Saw these two while I was sketching at the local coffee shop. I recall I endured my first urban caffinated beverage for similar reasons...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The love between a turn-table and an Ipod

Their strongest story yet, I think, and I can say with great confidence their most endearing character; Wall-e was sweet and thoroughly entertaing. The pantomime didn't seem to keep the kids and parents from laughing and reacting to all the best scenes either, so hopefully the refreshingly un-demographically sound choices of Wall-e won't hurt it.

Watch now, bloody now.

Oy, getting back into the flow of official work really effects your personal projects. Hears some unfinished work for the character designs based on this really funny old BBC sitcom "Father Ted". It's about three incompetent priests and their housekeeper in this backwater island in Ireland, condemned their for different reasons. Their magnanimous though ultimately human leader, Father Ted Crilley, due to an incident with charity money and Los Vegas. Their senior priest Jack Hackett, because years of serving the church has turned him permanently and violently to the bottle. And the youngest Dougal Mguire, on the simple grounds that he's an "Eegit".

It's a great way to study character dynamics, hope to finish the peice below, but felt I needed to get something up after missing last week.

And if you haven't seen Wall-e yet, do it now, bloody now!