Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well. Here's the final version. Wish I had more to show, but everything I've worked on this week hasn't amounted to anything new. It's gotten colder out this week and I think it's effected me (excuses). Arrgh!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Paul Topolos

Went to some of the Spark Siggraph exhibits that played this week at the Vancouver Theatre. Managed to meet a talented Matte painter from Pixar; Paul Topolos. Responsible for many of the cityscapes for The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille and Wall-e, and most notably he painted most of the beautiful space shot for said Walle. It's suprising how much of it is painted. It was also comforting to hear a Pixar employee talk about the stresses and frustrations and even political problem at the renowned studio, but still say it was the best place he'd ever worked and how proud he was of the films he was a part of. I got him to sign my Wall-e art book, but sadly it got smudged, as you can evidently see...

Saw this guy get at my usual busstop downtown several times, each time holding the same weatherred bicycle wheel, and mumbling the same accusasions. Sometimes I suspect many people are out on the streets because they couldn't get push there was past some single incident in there lives.

Other fellows on the bus I've sketched. Slowly trying to get comfortable with pen.

Having it pointed out that I tend to cheat the construction of my characters too often, I tried to do a lineup of some of my old characters, and try to maintain the shapes and still make them solid and animatiable. If I haven't pulled it off yet, please somebody let me know.

Friday, September 05, 2008


And thiiis is what's been keeping me from uploading anything. That and double shift at work two weeks ago. Excuses excuses. My computers been on the fritz and I only recently managed to sneak it inot tech support at work; I figured I use it for studio work just as often as my office one, so that will no doubt have an impact on posting, among other things. There's a few volumes issues to fix still (a lot actually) but on top of that, any thoughts?