Sunday, December 14, 2008

X-mas gifts

Last week was spent on stuff for a character design audition, wish I could put the designs on.

Here's some paintings I did for a presents. This top one's for my brother. It's unlikely he'll be checking on here anytime soon, so hopefully it's safe to put on; yes, I'm potentially spoiling the surprise so I can have somthing on my blog...

My mother's always bugging me to do a "more realistic" painting for presents, so I thought this time I'd try and do something a bit more naturalistic and see what people thought. It's essentially the same as the photo it's based on, but with the mountains, clouds and the dog rearranged to change the composition...

And this was another present, for a stressed friend in the animation program. I took her name off from the top to avoid embarrassing her. It was meant to be "cool", I just hope it didn't come off as disturbing...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My 4:00 a.m. rant

Saw bolt Sun night. I must say I was impressed. I'd read good press, but I was suprised how many good lines were in the movie, and while it was a very conventional Disney story and look, it was done extremely well, I thought, which is a step above most of the non-Pixar animated stuff.

So, as much as would have liked to have seen what Chris Sanders would have done, I think John Lasseter deliverred in spades with his descisions, and I hope he does what the cynics say he won't and redeem Disney animation. Now that two of my Capilano friends are working there, I pulling for him all the more.

Another thing I wanted to say was in regard to the designs of the characters. A lot of people call them bland, but the key thing is, from an animators stand point; they work. An animator could turn them around, has a brow, jaw and eyes to act with, and if they have decent draftmanship and knowledge of animal anatomy, they can do pretty much anything with them. And also, when you sketch them out a few times from the CGI trailers, you see that they do in fact have strong contrasting shapes, straights against curves and all the elements of appeal in them. Really, there's nothing going into these designs that wouldn't go into Kung Fu Panda; It's just that Kung Fu Panda took it further. And as much as I loved Chris Sanders early concept art for the dog, it was basically Stitch with more "doggy" details on him. As cool as it is to see designs like Ren and Stimpy, the fact that their a cat and dog is inconsequential to the premise. With Bolt, at least in the final version, it's really about the politics between cats, dogs and humans; so the fact that Bolt moves like a dog and behaves like a dog was quite key, same goes for the cat. And as cool as Sander's dog was, Bolt is more unmistakably a dog. That was what I thought, anyway.

I just hope this movie does well, because I really think Disney becoming succesful in animation again will encourage animation everywhere. I hope anyway. Now lets hope Princess and the Frog turns out as well