Monday, February 23, 2009

little goatees

Second pass. New things that must be redeemed I conveniently noticed the moment the bloody thing gets uploaded :)

Deciding I need to get more animal drawings in, I finally got around to going to this petting zoo which is absurdly close to where I live, and pretty cheap too. The animals don't move nearly as much as on a regular farm, also.

Miniature goats: so cool...

Monday, February 16, 2009


Personally I think the whole 3D glasses shtick is going to disappear in a year or two; I certainly don't mind it, and I think it's cool when it's not overdone, but I really wouldn't miss it if it were gone. Now, that might not be the popular consensus of course.

This was my favorite scene from Coraline, or at least my favorite one that wouldn't spoil anything. I loved how Muppety the "other father's" face was. The movie was a tour de force in terms of design, but of course that was to be expected from Henry Selick. What did please me was that the eye candy didn't get in the way the plot. Though to be fair I read Neil Gaimen's novel and it was nice and simple too; which isn't always the case with his books I find. The theme's in which the fantasy is put towards is very singular and straight forward, so you have to time take in both the imagination and the characters. Plus I loved the posters of the two elderly actresses in their bugalow from their youth....

I'd be very suprised if UP manages to outdo Coraline, visually at least. Not that I don't love how stylized the old man is. I saw a sketch of this fat dog that'll be in it, and I'm curious to see how he'll fit into things....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

stickynotes are an (2D) animator's best friend

Oy, this's been a while coming! Any thoughts? (this has been updated since I posted it...)

And the rough I did for the next one looked so interesting in the blocking stage I couldn't resist putting it up too; I often try plan things out using Flash first before committing to paper. I wanted to do a dialogue piece with an existing Disney character; walrus was a simple choice, but I figured better simple and well done then say, trying to handle Frodo for Notre Dame (Even though I thought the dialogue would have suited him well).

Oh, and Coraline was great. Not least of which 'cause it's so bloody gorgeous...


Monday, February 02, 2009

Wanted to post my animation; not quite confident with it yet. So, just life drawings this time, it seems.