Monday, March 29, 2010

random Bubble Hub poses

redid these two poses for the covers of my pitch. Handing it in tommorow.

Extra character sketches for my Bubble Hub pitch. It's due this week and this is also the last week to get my animation and portolio done. So if my third animation bit isn't on here by Next monday: somthing terrible probalby happened to me....

One week till I'm off ot japan. YIKES!

It was at the eleventh hour that I realize I'd forgotten to add two characters to my pitch: Koko's fastidious sock puppts Jimmy and Frankie (named after the two greatest puppeteers of all time, Henson and Oz). They were inspired by two mitten/puppets I bought in a small hand-knitting stand. The arms their currently in belong to the lovely Juri Eun: I felt I needed them on girl arms: My pale hairy ones would've brought up questions about Koko...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bad Girl and Destroy Him v.2

Last weeks been working on my third piece, HOPEFULLY will get it done well before April. Japanese warlord berating his assasins for an unwanted assasination: "John Cleese" line for "Fierce Creatures".

FINALLY. Started piece #3 a while ago, but gotta focus to get done by APRIL. AHHHH. Still, any critiques on these too would be very welcome.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Yoletown Girls

Current animations running late: hopefully get it done by next weekend...
Managed to snail in the last of the main character lineup for Bubble Hub. If the Lip Gloss Gang represents the rough lower class girls terrorizing the twins, then the Yoletown girls represent the enviable Upper class girls, always being naseatingly altruistic and happy.
Privelaged, flaky, impossibly perfect students and perky enough to raise the hairs on your back; But with Yuki depsises about them most of all, is that their NICE. Yep, it'd be so much more bearable to be around them if they were, in fact, shallow, mean and vindictive like the sterotype often conveys, but sadly their quite nice in their own right.
The Y girls represent how deep, down there's a part of use who alway hate people better off then we are. Yuki, having no restraint at all, finds every chance to hate and villifiy them. Of course, this doesn't stop her from trying to befriend them if it improves her social standing...