Monday, June 28, 2010

Japanese business man sketches

Just some roughs, trying to work out the one characters design, no doubt making choices ill-suited to CG. Still, I'm getting rather fond of him...
And here's BG's I'm trying to design for a test of the "Bubble Hub" I boarded. The one scene clashes with the bedroom. It's meant to be a fantasy scene, but I think even by that extend it'll probably need to be alterred...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mallet Maid designs

Again, lots of projects that will take longer to finish, or need voices recorded before worth posting, so this is what I got for this week.

Just wanted to see how these characters could look as rendered CG characters.... with only a small idea of how to model them, heh...

Well, I had my doubts, and it wasn't without its flaws (More rhetorical dialogue then I'm use to at Pixar), Toy Story 3 more then lived up to the trilogy. Easily their most intense climax in any other their films.

I wanted to sketch the strongest character in the film, without giving anything away: I'm sure most people figured out his role, but possibly not to the extent that they took him.

Oh, and Teddy Newtons cartoon "Day and Night", in my opinion, probably did more to push the medium and entertainment value of hand drawn animation in six minutes then Disney did with it in ninety...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Japanese Monkeys

You'd think I'd be getting more accomplished, what with my new cintiq. Too many failed attempts.

But anyway, another photo from japan, based on the cute monkeys I saw up in Nagano. Does the joke work?