Saturday, November 19, 2011

one more "fantasy"

extra one. Now that I got a more workable rig to test out i'll probalby be putting these animation's off for a while: UGh i'm defeintely not going to be as painterly as this one... might end up deciding this is too detailed as is...

Monday, November 14, 2011

More tv paint thought bubble animation

They're all very simple cycles... but I'm confident in the context of the actual film anything more complex or less repetitive won't sink in. Any thoughts anyone?

Heh, this one could REALLY be taken out of context if it weren't going be right beside the image above it >_<

UGH, this one took WAYYY longer then it ought to have: it's just reallly hard to, if at all possible, make this in good taste. Also, anyone else feeling the brush jitter is too distracting?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

early render tests

Would have more, but my computer wimped out after so many renders. Again early versions, the interior shot isn't fully dressed yet (computer couldn't handle it) But I'm actually rather pleased with how Jenny turned out material-wise: though her eye's will probably change once she's rigged. Hopefully I'll be able to render Jerry out tommorow, again computer seemed to reach it's limit's for renderring today T__T


I know I know, a taboo LINE UP, but i wanted to see how the two different styles looked next to each other: if the more supernatural form drawn in a line-art style would work next to CG characters. More over, it's sooo hard to make a metro pretty boy not look gay... or not gay enough as it necessitates.

This is Bisho, a fox spirit with a passion for playing with the hearts of humans: something normally done by female foxes. There's lots of Kistune folklore about shape shifting foxes, and the rules vary enough i hoped I could take liberties: fox spirits can shape-shift into anything they want for the most part, but the only way they can pull off a human is with special fox masks. At the top is Bisho in his most basic form: straight fox. He's based on foxes that hang around Hokkaido temples and mooch food off people: they're such a perfect combination of scraggly and cuddly it's almost proffesional.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

tvpaint test

my first tv paint animation of the first "thought bubble" animation for my cartoon. RRRR there was a much nice BG on this but apparently tvpaint is funny about saving work (there was much swearing and kicking of walls). Ah well, I suppose i'll go back to it later: Playing with a rough look on them for schedules sake, plus hoping it might push the "basic thoughts" theme a bit...