Friday, December 30, 2011


Managed to get SOMETHING sketched over the holidays. Got some a film treatment done... This seemed one of the "pitch" sketches

Sunday, December 25, 2011

xmas paintings

Heh, two of these are paintings I'd drawn originally to go with the paintings I posted LAST year. Mom's insiting I not post them for fear of people stolen. I told the only two that AREN'T more or less copied from online photographs probably aren't well-painted enough to be worth stealing :).

At any rate, the copied photos were a nice painting excercise (as you can tell the serow one was a bit more rushed then the others)

Mom said she wanted a painting of some of the famous structures in SF, and thankfully the most overphotographed things were what she liked the most. The Tanuki (racoon like things) probably turned out the nicest. The foreground monkeys, middle monkeys and the landscape were taken and dropped from different photos, till I got a mix that worked: the monkey in the foreground who's getting groomed, his expression didn't have to be alterred from the photo at ALL

Sunday, December 18, 2011

early animation

It's not the only animation i've done, but most are pretty simple. These still need some post-model tweaking on some of the more extreme rig positions, which i still need to learn how to do, BUT really I couldn't ask for a better rig job. Special thanks to the talented Arron Robinson for putting up with all my demands thus far (heh, I still keep asking for changes). All I got for now before going home for the holidays. Can't wait till I can start animating Jenny as well.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Coffee Bun Menu

My first mess with acryllics in years, heh. Took all day but I love the shop and the two ladies, so it was worth the modest asking price, not to mention enduring all the xmas muzak (My heart goes out to every poor bastard in the service industry around the holidays). Plus they feed me so much free food i didn't want to ask for much: I did the painting and little sketches, and would've helped with the text but they say my printing and burst out laughing :). As a small revenge I put one photo of them on here just because they flipped out when I suggest it, muahaha!

And if you haven't been there yet, GO! It's good and they get passed up too much.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Izakaya Tanuki Lineup

OY this took a while: i know I designed a lot of these characters already, but there's always that desire to rethink them (even if you end up going in a circle) T__T.

One of these izakaya regulars (the girls anyway) is a tanuki in disguise, and since all of them have means of repelling male advances, all of them are suspects. It's always tricky to get a wide variety of girls of the same age, ethnicity and all potentially attractive while still being imperfect enough to have personality.

OK no more lineups for a while, they take a long time and don't exercise one's animation skills enough...