Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hippo in my Bathtub

Hee hee another cartoon short idea.... maybe I shouldn't post them, but it's probably safe.   Anyone who notices spellings errors in my hiragana, please mentioned

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Girls of elephantmarch theatre

 OY over a MONTH and i'm still on one bloody shot.  A long shot, in my defense but still...

Anyway, did manage to do a FEW side paintings.

The long dormant elephant-with-castle-on-it's-back finally gestated a bit.  It's evolving into a story about the arts and entertainment and why it's something important (if it is, haha) and part of the heart of the story is the aspiring artists in the girl's dormitory in the theatre house: representing black sheep from the four conflicting races of tiny fantasy creatures in the land; Faeries, Goblins (or imps, possibly), Trolls and Gnomes.  Hahah and to be fair, the gnome so far is essentially Cheerie Littlebottom for Pratchet... though who knows how much else i'm stealing from him in these early ideas T__T 

This was my favorite element of Brave that I feel doesn't spoil much to give away: the standing stones have a mysterious magic, one that's too deliberate to be COMPLETELY called duex eh machina.

BRAVE is probably the most conflicting Pixar film i've seen.  It had LOTS of story problems, YET was something different from them and a step forward in many respects, AND still made me cry where in counted and possessed two very strong female leads that felt neither pandering or cliche.  Hahah only now do I realize I HAVE to do some sketches of Mor'du at some point.