Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pneumonia and Glob

 SIGH this month post(s) SHOULD have been about how wonderful my new apartment and roommates are, but I must announce that my lack of posts have not been so much due to how busy my film's kept me, but because i've had bloody bloody pneumonia.  GAH not only was this week completely shot lying in bed and the hospital groaning, but I had to cancel my trip on Ottawa to my friends wedding: which would have been my first non-relative wedding.  Mercifully air Canada's giving me the money I spent on the tickets on credit, so as long as I use it before the years out I won't have blown the money :T.  Rather frustrating all the same...
And this was the wedding gift I WOULD have been giving to my far more worldly and interesting and accomplished friend and her hubby, whom I was hoping to finally meet this weekend.  And no, everything in this photo was based on her journal :).  Hope she likes it.

One final moan: she was going to introduce me to lots of single counsins that night, AHHHHHHHHH