Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recylcing some characters for a new project.  Haha maybe I SHOULDN'T keep posting them, under the rather arrogant assumption they might be worth stealing.  Haha working on the new pitch as we speak.  I even found a spot for the old "sleazy business man" character i'd loved so much.  It is SO hard to make an interesting cat design.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

London Store

 Bust computer made me miss the first month of the year :T.

FINALLY got this stupid painting up.  For some reason this old umbrella shop stuck in my memory above everythign else in London, Englad: and there was a LOT to remember.  UGH I missed Jan, i'll have to keep up more artwork. 

Below is a lovely acrylic painting my London-dwelling bro got me from his trip to Kenya: where his gf was interning for UN :).  The canvas stretch probably cost more then the amazing painting itself :)

(Updated: which one's better?)

One of my studio Dogs, in a moment of gand indignity: it's amazing how much the cone shows hoe skinny his is under all those curls

YAY, Louis Gonzale's gesture class taught me life drawing can be FUN again :).  Might post some of the gestures from it when i'm not already risking being two hours late for staying up posting stuff :)