Thursday, May 23, 2013

ThoughtBubble 3000: animation halfdone

According to my calculations, i'm halfway through animating the damn thing... not including the doubtless ENORMOUS amount of revising and fixing i'll have to do on it once I've shown it's entirety to people of importance (I wanna complete it through just to prove commitment).  I've been determined to avoid showing too much more of it in pieces until it's finished.  But I figured it'd be good to show this bit just so it not longer exists in a (no pun intended) bubble.  You gotta imagine electricity coming of Jerry at the twitching moment :)....

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ohdong's Card

A birthday Card for the Sweetest girl in the world... Even though it has many spelling errors.  Hahah her friend's boyfriends were hating me enough because I COOKED for her... now I've just upped the ante...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Shall Wear Midnight

Been meaning to do a sketch of one of the more memorable lines in Pratchett's "I shall wear midnight".
I know it's a very unoriginal statement but straight lead girls, especially in a (very slightly) more naturalistic style, are HARD to make interesting.  Based on one my idol from college ( now a very talented artist at Disney) and her equally talented sister (now at Pixar), though I moved away from them visually because the characters aren't sisters...  Appropriately, she was the one who introduced me to the Discworld series, which I am constantly turning to for easy listening while working.